The Bealach Na Ba and Applecross Peninsula

Ever since I got into cycling as a teenager combined with my life long love affair with the Scottish Highlands, has meant that I wanted to cycle up the Bealach Na Ba. It’s a fearsome challenge, starting at sea level it wends its way up above Loch Carron and the...

Made it, cycled all the way up the Bealach Na Ba

Full details to come later but am feeling quite pleased that I managed to keep the pedals turning all the way to the top of the 626 metre climb up the Bealach Na Ba, I didn’t have to get off and walk once!  I also cycled round the Apple Cross Peninsular which...

Off to climb the big one

Today’s the day to climb the big one, bike’s loaded on the car and we’re on our way to Loch Carron, where I’ll be getting back in the saddle to climb from sea level to 626m, up the Bealch Na Ba. Not sure if I’ll be turning the pedals all...

Ride Day Eight: Golspie to Strathpeffer

And we finished (well sort of), today was the last leg of our main coastal tour round the North of Scotland. 49 miles of easier, rolling riding through countryside much more like ours in Warwickshire, with fields of crops, hedges and dry stone walling. The mountains in the background, however, and the sea by our side, ensured we didn’t forget where we were.

Ride Day Seven: Wick to Golspie

It seemed a gentler day’s ride to begin with, hardly any wind and the gradient not too severe. But that all changed when we got to Berriedale, a steep drop down, with some very battered looking barricades where a local coach only just avoided dropping 15 metres into the river the week before!