Markus Stitz of Bikepacking Scotland have just released another short film “Built to Last” about cycling, Scotland and the Cateran Ecomuseum.

The Ecomuseum is a fascinating concept, a museum without walls, all its sites are outside. A chance to explore nature and our interaction with it. A chance to not just look back but to be a part of history too, thinking about how we shape our interaction with our precious landscapes for the future.

Markus Stitz paints a wonderful picture with his camera through the people he interviews and the landscapes he explores of what matters and what lasts and is worth treasuring.

I know I’m biased, I have a life-long love affair with the Scottish landscape, but this film is beautiful and I hope will draw you, just as I am drawn every year, to head over the border and to explore on foot or two wheels this amazing place.

Read more about the museum and the stories behind the documentary on Bikepacking Scotland’s blog post.