With restriction eased, last night I was finally able to embark on a “mini-adventure” – my first ever wild camping trip. I’d been putting the kit together over summer last year, but this has ended up being the first chance to go after lockdown restarted.

The aim was to enjoy a little adventure without it taking time out from family or work. So after the children were safely tucked up in bed, I loaded up my bike and headed out into the night. My dynamo not only providing great light but also charging my GPS and mobile.

I’d got a destination planned, the village I grew up in has common on a hill and I arrived there just after 11pm. This did mean pitching my tent in the dark (only other pitch was a test one in my back garden!), but it proved a doddle and I was soon safely tucked up in my sleeping bag and listening to the sounds of the night, owls hooting, foxes barking and strange scutterings!

As dawn broke I was treated to a fantastic dawn chorus. Breaking camp and being careful to leave no trace while brewing some water for my morning coffee & porridge on my little Trangia stove. I then enjoyed my breakfast while watching the sun rise and the golden light spreading over the view.

Then heading home I was treated to the beauty that the morning light adds to the landscape while watching the world come to life. Arrived back in time to make and join the children for, what was for me, a second breakfast!

It was a great experience and if this is something that you’ve been contemplating doing, then go for it!

Kit List