One of the challenges for the ride is not just keeping my legs going but keeping the iPhone going. Anyone who has used an iPhone on a busy day out and about will know that the battery struggles to keep up.

I’m going to be needing to:

  • Access the internet to update our blog, twitter and flickr
  • Use the GPS with cyclemeter to track our progress and update Twitter and Facebook (a big battery drain)
  • Use the camera to take photos
  • Occasionally even use it as a phone to organise our night’s B&B!

I’m going to be turning off the bluetooth, wifi & 3G when I’m out on the road (Scotland’s 3G coverage isn’t the greatest!) that will all help. But I’ve also invested in a couple of gadgets, an extra battery pack and a solar charger, so I’ll let you know how they perform. I will also be carrying a charger with me at all times, easily accesible, maybe a friendly cafe or two will let me top-up!