Though as many friends will know I am quite politically engaged through my work with the Federation of Small Businesses – FSB I don’t tend to talk about politics on social as I know it’s divisive, but in light of today’s latest announcmenets, I thought I would comment:

“This is not a time to use the UK as petri dish for political & economic ideas or for personality driven politics but for collegiate working to create a stable environment with a long term strategy to build a resilient economy and UK community. We need leadership that listens to good ideas, wherever they come from and works effectively with all who can help to deliver that.”

I’m also very much political with a small ‘p’ I have no party leanings. I believe that good ideas can come from all sides of the house and great leaders should listen first and act second. I also know that despite all the hubris of recent weeks, there are good politicians and actually they are in the majority trying to do good work for their constituents, despite the picture painted sometimes painted in certain parts of the media.

And what about us? What do we need to do?

When we see good . . . say so. Do you write to your local MP / councillors when they do or support something that benefits your community (not just you individually)? Do you reflect on how you can “build up” rather than “tear down” how can you be an effective voice within your community to bring truth to power and then to also bring solutions to power so that collectively we can deliver better?

Maybe I’m an idealist? But I genuinely believe that better is possible and that if we take time to step forward to be a part of solutions and look at delivering overall benefits for our communities (rather than individualistic focus) then we can create the world we want to live in.

Take Action

So, tomorrow, rather than bemoaning the current state of affairs, make a change, do something to make the life of somone else better by the end of it than it was at the start! Even if that’s just by saying thank you to someone doing an unenviable task in challenging circumstances and that often only gets communication when it goes wrong.