Hello! Who Am I?

I’m a consultant and non-executive director who’s excited by and loves sharing ways that creative design and new technology can help businesses succeed and provide service delivery through my design and marketing agency, Real Point. I volunteer with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) on policy issues relating at both a West Midlands and National Level and acting as a media spokesperson, alongside this I lecture on entrepreneurship and online marketing subjects at Coventry University.

I’m also an adventurer and love nothing more than spending time running and cycling in new places and exploring new challenges. I’m a husband and dad and fortunate that my children choose to join me on my adventures, both cycling, running and even camping! I’m a Christian and part of local church in Lapworth.

Ian ODonnell MBE portait

Why this blog?

It’s my musings on experience in all aspects of my life, from business leadership to wild camping and cycling with children.

Hope you find it interesting and I would love it if it inspired a reader to start a business, get more active or go on an adventure.

Interview on YouCanTri Podcast

I had the chance to chat to Penny Wilkin from You Can Coaching about my life in cycling, the joys of cycle commuting and family cycling and sharing a few tips along the way. Take a listen to Episode 30 to hear my conversation with Penny.

Free at point of use, how very British!

My musings on the wider story of the recent happenings at Little Stoke parkrun.I Love parkrunBack on the 17th November 2012, I turned up at Memorial Park in Coventry, bar code in hand, to run my first 5k parkrun, trying to find some way to keep fit as I just didn’t...

Why voting is important

This stat caught my attention from the Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2013 report produced by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation http://www.jrf.org.uk/publications/monitoring-poverty-and-social-exclusion-2013:“the proportion of pensioners in poverty is at...

Starbucks and all that

I’m not a Starbucks drinker really, I’m an Urban Coffee Co fan, but much of the talk on that particular company (of the three) is very misinformed. Many of the Starbucks shops are paying Corporation Tax as they are franchises ie stand alone businesses, so a boycott...

Science makes God bigger, not smaller

Watching The Big Questions this morning I saw an example, yet again, of a straw man argument being setup to knock down. Their premise was that as science explains more of the vastness of the universe and the detail in the microscopic and sub atomic, that God is...

Language – expression of you

Just finished watching Stephen Fry’s Planet Word. A fascinating and whimsical, as only Stephen Fry can be, tour of language. Incredibly complex, except we learn it without even knowing how. Wouldn’t it be easier if we all spoke the same language? But I was caught by...