Watching The Big Questions this morning I saw an example, yet again, of a straw man argument being setup to knock down.

Their premise was that as science explains more of the vastness of the universe and the detail in the microscopic and sub atomic, that God is diminished. That as our understanding of “The How” increases, we no longer need God as we can “explain it all” by science.

But they’re knocking down argument which is wrong to begin with, God isn’t a god of the gaps, he’s not a God to explain the things I can’t explain, which is what that argument sets him up to be.

My relationship and belief in God actually inspires me to want to learn more, I’m always keen to know how something works. As I learn more, my God gets bigger. As I understand more of the wonders of creation, so God’s ability to know and hold all that in his hand adds to rather than diminishes him.

You see, I don’t necessarily look to God to explain the how, I look to him for the “Why”. While science can explain the detail of how my DNA was able to define the detail my physical makeup and can explain the intricacies of my eyes ability to see, it cannot explain “The Why” I was made.

Atheism would tell me that there is no why, that here and now is all there is. That’s definitely a discussion to have, though my beliefs and experience tell me there is more to life than that. But science doesn’t affect that argument one way or another, it’s just letting us all know the amazingness of “The How”.

So however much popularistic TV debaters might want to tell us that science has  disproved God, remember, science just explains the wonder of “The How”. “The Why” remains something for you to decide for yourself, as for me the God of “The Why” is just getting more incredible as science unlocks more of the detail of “The How”. When the detail of the Higgs Bosun is unlocked and the detail of a planet which may sustain life is told, I’ll be praising God for the amazing universe he placed me in to enjoy.