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This little film sums up perfectly the joy I find in cycletouring. It’s also inspired me to do the The John Muir Way another cycle tour to add to the list!

Cycling on my Genesis Tour de Fer is all about being “Unhurried” it’s all about enjoying the moments, stopping for a coffee & cake at a little independent cafe (never forget to support small businesses!), soaking up the scenery and enjoying the challenge of the rise and fall of the landscape.

Filmed by

The film was produced by Markus Stitz, who has also cycled round the world on a single-speed bike! He runs the website Bike Packing Scotland which contains several fabulous cycle routes and many have short films that he’s created about them. I particularly love his film “Explore your Boundaries” about re-discovering the area you live in and cycling in winter.

Try it

If you haven’t tried exploring our beautiful country on your bike, then watch this film, it might inspire you and the great thing is you can do it all leaving no trace and taking nothing but photos & memories! I’ve already checked this route out and I can catch a train from Coventry to Glasgow to start & then a train back from Edinburgh, perfect, no car needed!


Oh and thanks to Cycling UK who featured this film on their newsletter and blog and therefore allowed me to discover it.